Germany’s Service Desert. Case 3.

We have been living in Germany for three years now, and I guess I/we have slowly been socialized back into European society with its lower standards on customer service. But I am still posting this event from May 2017. It was this experience of Germany’s service desert that triggered this blog. Case 3: The Galeria […]

This too shall pass

I am still not back to my usual blogging routine, which frustrates me. But life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans, right. So, for today, just some random advice. To honor friendship. Almost five years ago, I had a horrible month. Really horrible. A month to never forget. For […]

Germany’s Service Desert. Case 2.

Apologies for my silence last week. I have been home alone again, with Willem that is, as Frederik is off to PSI, Villigen, for his yearly summer of experimenting and Janne spent two weeks with family in Belgium. Blogging with Willem around is like eating chocolate mousse with chop sticks: very inefficient. Back to the desert: […]