My bug loving girl. Really!

My girl and I share a lot of characteristics, but when it comes to bugs, we are the opposite. Because she actually loves them. And I really didn’t. But kids do not only learn from us. I learnt from Janne to marvel at these miniature creatures, slowly overcoming my own fears for them along the […]

Paperwork times Countries.

It is hard to imagine now, but on Monday, March, 9 of this year all four of us were standing in a very crowded place in Frankfurt: the American Embassy. Why? Because we were still planning our trip to Seattle and Willem needed a new American passport. According to the American-German family in front of […]

Social Isolation Happiness

Two weeks ago, I planned to write today about something we all know and “love”: paperwork. But we live in a different world now. Things have been co-ra-zy. So, you will have to wait for two more weeks.  Last week, Frederik was still in Switzerland on an extended group meeting for work in a ski […]

Head over Heart. And its reasons.

I am sitting in a waiting room, waiting for Willem’s speech therapy to end and just looking outside is depressing. The sun hasn’t even come out at all today. In this – what I consider- most depressing time of the year, it is good to make plans for the future, something to look forward to. […]