Corona Isolation. What I have learnt so far.

We all have lived in this new Corona-crazy world for a while now. At this point, I am so drained, my emotional life mimics the economy. Which probably explains why I have a hard time to write. Time for some evaluations:

  • Home Office works, but only under certain conditions. Having no kids around is one of them. 
  • Homeschooling sometimes works, but only in the first two weeks when the kids are still motivated and your husband does it. 
  • Home Office plus Homeschooling equals Frustration and Failure. Whoever thinks you can combine both hasn’t tried it. 
  • At the end, the kids started acting out every single day. It felt like Willem was two again. Maybe our patience was shot. Probably both. 
  • Social Isolation Happiness does exist, if you literally take a time out together, best spent outdoors. It does not come by itself, just by being stuck together.
  • As everyone around the world is stuck at home, corona is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends. We have skyped or zoomed with so many friends that we hadn’t talked to for a while! I consider these reconnections the best thing about corona! 

In conclusion, life is better with friends and family around, with hugs and kisses and holding babies. With sharing food and conversations. I cannot wait to charge my batteries over the summer by spending time with you, my peeps. And for our Seattle-family: let’s skype soon!!

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  1. Julie B Margulies says: Reply

    Amen! Great observations. I have said to all my friends a thousand times (by Zoom, of course!) how glad I am that my kids are already grown at this time!!

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