Homegoing. By Yaa Gyasi

I finally managed to finish a book again! Hurray! And what a book! Homegoing. By Yaa Gyasi. The book, first published in 2016, follows the paths of two halfsisters from Ghana over their descendants for eight generations. While one sister marries an English slave trader,  her halfsister – unknown to her – is imprisoned and […]

Call Me by Your Name.

I have been wanting to present you a new book for some time now, but I haven’t been able to find one worthy of a blog post. Mallory sent me ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ by George Saunders which I thought would be a winner as it won the Man Booker Prize. But it just made […]

Fates and Furies. By Lauren Groff

A thick drizzle from the sky, like a curtain’s sudden sweeping. The seabirds stopped their tuning, the ocean went mute. House-lights over the water dimmed to gray. Two people were coming up the beach. She was fair and sharp in a green bikini, though it was May in Maine and cold. He was tall, vivid; […]

Self-Compassion. By Kristin Neff

In a bookstore in Amsterdam, this book caught my eye. The title fascinated me: “Self-Compassion? Isn’t that just a fancy word for self-pity?” But when I read the back cover, I knew I was getting it. Not that I knew who the author was, but I do remember “The Horse Boy”. This is a book, […]