Germany’s Service Desert. Case 1 in Appeal

It is a lot harder than expected to write during the summer vacation, even though I have help from the best: my Mother-in-Law arrived from Belgium to help out while Frederik is in Switzerland. This tradition – since 2012 – is what makes summers fun despite missing Frederik. Unfortunately, it did me no good last weekend to get a blog post done, as Frederik came home for a surprise visit! I guess it is one of the benefits of living in Germany. I also got another surprise in my inbox: a reply from the Career Service, which I am happy to share here with you!


Dear Mrs. Degryse,

thank you for your mail.

We are very sorry that you made this unpleasant experience.

Please let us explain our organizational structure:
We assume that you confused the “Studierenden Service Center” and our “Career Service” (which is just an organizational center, not a physical or local one).

The employees at the counter do not work at the Career Service. Their job is to clarify the issues of the students and to decide whether they should go to the Student Office, the International Office – Incoming or the Student Advice Center. In addition, they arrange appointments for these institutions and sometimes for the Career Service, as well.

Notwithstanding, the information you received was correct: the Career Service only supports students and graduates of the JGU in choosing a career, planning their professional future and acquiring interdisciplinary skills. Otherwise, we could not nearly cover the demand.

We understand that you have expected a more helpful answer than you received, e.g. a detailed list of alternative contact persons / counselling institutions. That is clearly something we have to work on, and we apologize for not having met your legitimate expectations.

We hope that you have settled in by now and that you have had more pleasant experiences with our university and Germans in general.


Sincere regards,

the Representative of the Career Service-Team


I guess there is hope after all. And I really do hope they will put together that list with alternative contacts. It makes my whining worthwhile.

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