Customer Service. American Style

I have had the most wonderful vacation! Two weeks of Seattle. Just me. No kids or husband. Two weeks of people and things I have missed so much over the last couple of years. It was so good that it hurts a little now sitting back on my couch in Germany. Anyways. Here is a little story of something that happened.

Shortly after we left Seattle, a micro brewery opened up across the street from our apartment, the Ravenna Brewing Company. So, now being back, I had to go and see. I went there on a Thursday night with some friends and bought one of their T-shirts for twenty dollars. How could I not?! It is like buying a momentum of my old life. I used to have our car fixed on the exact same spot where they now have a kettle standing brewing beer!

On my last night of my vacation two days later, I went back there with some friends. I could not help but notice that the T-shirts were now on sale, 50% off. When I went to the bar to get a round, I asked the bartender about it.

“Since when is the sale going on?”

”Oh yeah, I think we started on Friday.”

“Oh, darn. That’s too bad. I was here Thursday and bought a shirt. Better luck next time!”

I paid my beers and walked away. He would bring me one more beer I ordered to the table when he had the new gag on.
As I walked by again a bit later, he calls me over: “I felt bad for you that you missed out on the sales, so here is a ten dollar gift card for you.” BOOM!

Here’s another one.

My friend and I went camping with her camper, taking the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston. As we stop at the tollbooth, my friend shows her senior discount card. The lady in the tollbooth asks: “Two seniors then?” and my friend replies: “Euh no, one senior and one adult.” And the lady replies: “Well, I put you both in as two seniors, because the ferry is coming and I do not want you to miss it! Have a fun trip!”

There are a lot of prejudices against the States and its people. Having Trump for president does not really help either. But I am on the other end. I love the States and its people. Yes, there is violence, guns and ignorance, but there is also so much friendliness and kindness and love. There is determination to stand up for ideals and community and passion. 

Thank you all for a wonderful vacation. To me, you were never not great America!

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