Cleaning is messy business.

Last Saturday, Frederik and the kids left for a week of visiting family and friends in Belgium. As I already spent some marvellous vacation days in Seattle, I unfortunately could not join them now (but I am doing so next Saturday). They literally had not left yet and I was doing what I had planned […]

Fates and Furies. By Lauren Groff

A thick drizzle from the sky, like a curtain’s sudden sweeping. The seabirds stopped their tuning, the ocean went mute. House-lights over the water dimmed to gray. Two people were coming up the beach. She was fair and sharp in a green bikini, though it was May in Maine and cold. He was tall, vivid; […]

Self-Compassion. By Kristin Neff

In a bookstore in Amsterdam, this book caught my eye. The title fascinated me: “Self-Compassion? Isn’t that just a fancy word for self-pity?” But when I read the back cover, I knew I was getting it. Not that I knew who the author was, but I do remember “The Horse Boy”. This is a book, […]

Germany’s Service Desert. Case 3.

We have been living in Germany for three years now, and I guess I/we have slowly been socialized back into European society with its lower standards on customer service. But I am still posting this event from May 2017. It was this experience of Germany’s service desert that triggered this blog. Case 3: The Galeria […]

Amy Camber. A Comic Artist.

I met Amy through Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool, Janne’s awesome preschool in Seattle. Her oldest child, two days younger than Janne and obsessed with dragons at the time, was in Janne’s group. Her youngest is about a month older than Willem, although I did not really realize that at the time. Blame the sleep deprivation. Amy […]